ELI 2008 Enrollment up 20% from 2007

ELI StudentsWith the increase in enrollment, ELI is attracting a diverse group of students from all over the world. Students have come from Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Venezuela, France, Italy, Spain, The Netherlands, Switzerland, Hungary, Turkey, Korea, Japan, Taiwan. Our University Preparation Program, with accelerated and intensified IBT TOEFL courses, continues to be our most popular program. In this program, students strengthen and enhance their English and academic skills while studying for the TOEFL test. The Institutional TOEFL test is offered at ELI monthly. University placement assistance is provided to guide and direct students who wish to apply to universities in the US. In 2007, 12% of the students in our Academic Year University Preparation Program continued their studies in Pine Manor College's Enhanced First Year Program which enables students to matriculate in the College and continue their English courses for college credit.

What makes ELI different from most Language schools?

As ELI is an integral part of PMC, students have the unique opportunity of auditing classes at the College. This distinct feature enables students to take courses to enhance their professional development while improving their English language proficiency. Students have taken a variety of courses including International Business, Management, Marketing, Economics, Human Resources, Political Science, Government, Communications, and US and International Political Systems and Policy. They also have a chance to meet and interact with students from the US in their courses.

Here is what students have to say about the courses they are auditing at the College

Jochem Jansen-The Netherlands and Rutger De Vries-The NetherlandsJochem Jansen, The Netherlands
Rutger De Vries, The Netherlands

"In our course, 'Business in a Changing

World', the professor makes the classes very interesting with lively and interactive discussions. We have learned a lot about how businesses need to organize and structure to stay competitive in today's global economy. We are really enjoying the class, and we especially like that we can meet and talk with students from the United States which helps us to improve our English!"


Maria Marquez-Venezuela and Hazal Ozbek-TurkeyMaria Marquez, Venezuela
Hazal Ozbek, Turkey

"We have learned so much in our Business Law and American Government and Politics classes. In our countries we are studying business and law which is so different from the US laws and systems, but the professors have been so clear in explaining everything that we now understand the US system and laws."

A Celebration of International Friendship

A Celebration of International FriendshipOn Feb. 14, Valentine's Day, students took a well-deserved break from their rigorous, challenging classes to celebrate the friendships they have made with students from all over the world at ELI. Students said that they enjoyed and appreciated meeting students from various countries and learning about new cultures. Many of them had never met people who are not from their own country before, but the experience at ELI expanded their knowledge of the world and opened their perspective to understand the values, customs and traditions of other countries. Students commented that they were sure that they had made life long friends here, and that their experience at ELI was life transforming.