ELI Student Appreciation Night: The Human Family

Spring 2009ELI dedicated an evening in February to thank students for choosing to attend ELI. Students from a variety of countries - Argentina, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Italy, Kazakhstan, Peru, Senegal, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan - came together to share stories about their lives. They discussed the history, customs, and traditions of their countries. The students, also, reflected on their hopes and dreams for the future.

Students commented that the experience of studying at ELI was 'invaluable and unforgettable' because they were able to pursue their educational goals. They said that classes were of high quality, and the teachers and staff were warm and friendly. The students remarked that the campus was beautiful, and they enjoyed the historical sites of Boston. Most importantly, they said, was the opportunity to meet students from the US and all over the world. This helped them to understand and appreciate cultural differences, overcome misconceptions, dissolve barriers, and form friendships based on the common bonds of humanity.

As the distinguished African-American poet Maya Angelou writes in her poignant poem 'The Human Family':

".....I note the obvious differences between each sort and type, but we are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike. We are more alike, my friends, than we are unalike."

The event may have been on a winter February night, but the heartwarming experience gave credence to the importance of our mission.

Creative, Challenging Elective Courses!

Spring 2009ELI offers a variety of elective courses in our Intensive and University Preparation Program to meet the educational, professional, and personal interests of our students. Courses offered include: iBT TOEFL preparation, English for Business, History and Culture of Boston, Pronunciation and Conversation, Idioms and Slang, Prepositions and Usage, American Literature and History, The ELI Newspaper, Current Events, Write, Write, Write, English plus Basketball, Listening through Music, American Movie Classics, History of Sports in America, and the Wonderful World of Words.

Summer Program: July/August Spring 2009

The English Language Institute Summer Program offers students an excellent opportunity to study in our high quality semi-intensive program and enjoy exciting, fun on/off campus educational, social, and cultural activities and excursions.

Program Features

  • Classes: Monday-Friday from 9am-12pm; 20 lessons including: Reading, Grammar, Writing, Speaking and Listening.
  • On campus activities/sports: tennis, soccer, basketball, volleyball, dance parties, movies, multi-cultural activities.
  • Included excursions: Boston Tour, Harvard University, Cape Cod, Wrentham, Six Flags
  • Other excursion options: MIT University, museums, shopping destinations, Newport, New York City, Canada, Washington, Niagara Falls
  • Students live in the residence halls on campus. 19 meals are provided in our dining hall.
  • Access to campus facilities and services: library, dining room, language labs, computer labs with free unlimited use of e-mail and internet, athletic field, tennis court, gymnasium, exercise center, wireless in common areas

Why Choose Pine Manor College English Language Institute?

  • Located on a beautiful and safe campus with access to superb facilities and services.
  • Close to the center of Boston - 5 miles/8km - 20 minutes by an efficient transportation system.
  • Integral part of the College which provides students the opportunity to audit college classes during the academic year, participate in on campus events, and meet students from the US.
  • Small, supportive, high quality English classes taught by qualified, dedicated, and experienced teachers.
  • Warm, friendly community atmosphere where students feel at home and part of a family.
  • Flexible start dates and duration : Start Dates: Every Monday: Duration: 2-50 weeks

To take a virtual tour of our beautiful campus, please visit www.pmc.edu/eli. For more information about our program, please contact us at pmc_eli@pmc.edu.